“Go beyond yourself rather than beyond others.” – Unknown

From a young age, I had been compared to other kids who were my age. One of the most common saying that I heard from my relatives were “why can’t you be more like (insert name)? You need to be better than them.”

This type of comparison mindset stuck with me. Even to this day, I measured myself against my peers. For example, while looking at other people’s art pieces, I always that it’s an incredible art piece and why can’t I draw like that. Without realizing it myself at the moment, I had been putting myself down and lowering my confidence in my ability to draw.

In my opinion, comparison with others can be a driving force to motivate me to be better. However, alongside with comparison, I need to measure against myself. Every time I drew, I asked myself “was this painting better than the one I did before? If so, why was it better? If not, what can be improved?” These questions are also the pinnacle of learning and self-development.

Yes, there will always be another mountain to overcome in your development. However, at the top of each peak you overcame, always remember to look down and see the small victorious achievements and how you achieve them.